Smart Tag Bluetooth Tracker

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The biggest feature is that it incorporates a social element, and builds a network with a google map to find things. We all know that normal anti-loss means nothing when it travels over a certain distance from your mobile device. This tracker allows the owner to report the information of missing items through the App to the server, so that all users who have installed this app could automatically help find it.              

Once found, the location will be sent to the owner.

Built-in Google map to search for your lost item!


Weight: 80g

Package included: 1x Bluetooth Tracker

Download App for iOS5 or Android 4.3 or newer, the device will beep till you find the lost item and press the button.

Put the device in your bag, when the mobile phone and bag move out of a specified range, both the mobile phone and the device will beep to alert you. Mobile phones can have different sounds and vibrations to remind you. 

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